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April 24

by CycleChick on April 24, 2014

Not one to be deterred, Terry donned his favourite race kit and sparkling white shoes, and pumped his tyres to an immoderate 160 psi. “In your face, Mother Nature!”, he screamed in Italian, as he sped off through the slush, (…)

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Random Acts

by CycleChick on April 22, 2014

CycleChick headquarters has gone through some changes of late. The army of minions is ever-growing, and minions need stuff like desks, pay checks, orientations, and health plans. World domination, as it turns out, is quite time consuming. But time has (…)

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Actif Epica 2014

by CycleChick on February 23, 2014

I was not feeling confident going into Actif Epica this year. I was plagued with equipment problems, and then there was the added factor of this being the harshest winter we have experienced in these parts since the Depression. But I (…)

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In Your Face, Winter

by CycleChick on February 9, 2014

Sunday morning ride with JP and David. -28°C temperature, -42 windchill. 35 kilometers. Espressos, a flat tire, and some dancing. In your face, winter.

The Glorious Indignity of Winter, Part 2

by CycleChick on January 30, 2014

Terry has had it with winter, so he decided to go for a road ride on Sunday. He asked his wife’s permission, because that is what we do when we want to stay married. She told him he could go, (…)

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BarnCross 2014

by CycleChick on January 28, 2014

Roosters and barns go together like ham and eggs, so for the third year in a row, Dark Red Racing & friends spent a frigid Sunday afternoon giving old man winter the middle finger salute by racing our bikes in (…)

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Actif Epica Recon

by CycleChick on January 26, 2014

With Actif Epica three short weeks away, organizers arranged a little recon ride today to give registered racers a small taste of the 130(ish) kilometre course. David discovered it tastes a lot like blood.Young David tried to french kiss a (…)

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The Glorious Indignity of Winter

by CycleChick on January 21, 2014

This winter has been cruel. Even by Winnipeg standards. For much of December and well into January, temperatures reached an ungodly -40°C (that’s -40ºF for you Yanks, and -30°C for those of you do don’t believe in wind chill) and (…)

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Somethings Wicked this Way Come

by CycleChick on November 19, 2013

As if in some desperate attempt to make me like her again, Not Italy has been issuing forth awesome bike-related announcements with almost the same regularity as Rob Ford issues insincere apologies to the media. First came the announcement that (…)

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An Afternoon Ride in Not Italy

by CycleChick on November 10, 2013

Here in Not Italy we do not hide from shitty weather, rather we embrace it with enthusiasm, fearlessness, and 40 layers of technical fabrics. Not Italy kind of looks like an Ivan Eyre painting this time of year.We rode along the (…)

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