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What were they thinking?

by CycleChick on September 16, 2013

This weekend, in preparation for Italy, I rode my bike 200 kilometres. Mostly on quiet, rural roads, where I found the drivers (with only one rude exception) courteous and patient, giving me oodles of room when they passed. Once I (…)

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Bike to Work Day, Ringo Style

by CycleChick on June 21, 2013

I have a confession to make. I have not ridden my bike to work in three weeks. I know. As you may be aware, I usually ride my bike to work in the winter, regardless of how shitty the weather (…)

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Bike to Work Day

by CycleChick on June 18, 2013

This Friday is Bike to Work Day in Winnipeg! For those of you who bike to work all the time, this might not seem like a big deal, but trust me, it is.¬†Imagine your usual commute, but with LOTS and (…)

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The Impaler has a Posse

by CycleChick on June 15, 2013

Brad and his posse. l to r: Annie, Frank, Brad and Victoria. Photo by fellow rider (and Frank’s wife) Karis. A few weeks ago, as part of the Winnipeg CycleChick International Media Tour, I was pleased to be a panelist (…)

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The Guerciotti Project – Phase 1: Booze, Blowtorches & a Bunch of Hammering

by CycleChick on May 18, 2013

The Guerciotti has arrived! Lyle (the Big Frame) brought it in from the wilds of Altona and confirmed that this is indeed a frame worthy of a rebuild. Coincidentally, it is also a big frame, with a dead horizontal top (…)

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Milan, Altona and Beyond

by CycleChick on April 26, 2013

After an exhaustive search, I think I have found the perfect frame for Operation Commuter Bike! It is an exotic Italian racing steed, coming to me from the equally exotic wilds of Altona, Manitoba via our country cousins the ABES (…)

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Operation Commuter Bike – A Plan Emerges

by CycleChick on April 4, 2013

We interrupt this self-indulgent vacation report for an important bulletin, brought to you by my Attention Deficit Disorder. So I went to my nearest LBS last night for a fender. I came back with a project I am so excited (…)

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Winter Bike to Work Day

by CycleChick on February 14, 2013

Sick of getting pictures of your stupid friends’ stupid feet as they lie on a stupid beach somewhere?¬†Show them you don’t give a shit how many margaritas they had before lunch by getting on your bike and riding to work (…)

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All About Oulu

by CycleChick on February 13, 2013

Back in the fall, I was invited to sit in on a CBC discussion about active transportation (as opposed to the inactive type, where the only exercise you get is texting or (if you’re me) giving people the finger). As (…)

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Life in the (Winter) Bike Lane

by CycleChick on November 15, 2012

If you think it takes a little extra dose of crazy to commute by bike in the winter, you’re right. As if the challenges of fair-weather commuting aren’t bad enough, winter adds a whole new level of danger that can (…)

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