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Finding Yonder: The Abitibi Trail

by CycleChick on July 26, 2013

Ninety-nine percent of great adventures end happily, and serve to inspire each other to step outside of our beige tupperware boxes and go farther. Do more. The other 1% – the adventures we don’t like to talk or think about (…)

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Looking for Lindsay

by CycleChick on July 11, 2013

On Saturday morning I was (what else) observing the eighth stage of the Tour de France when a message from my friend Jason Carter came in that Lindsay Gauld was in St. Malo. Which was pretty weird, since St. Malo (…)

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Life in the (Winter) Bike Lane

by CycleChick on November 15, 2012

If you think it takes a little extra dose of crazy to commute by bike in the winter, you’re right. As if the challenges of fair-weather commuting aren’t bad enough, winter adds a whole new level of danger that can (…)

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Independence Day

by CycleChick on July 10, 2012

As you may have heard, there’s a little bike race happening in France right now. For cycling enthusiasts the world over it is the best of times, and it is the worst of times. Watching our heros ride their guts (…)

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Bike to Work Day

by CycleChick on June 21, 2012

In addition to being Bike to Work Day tomorrow, it will also be the next stop on my World Media Tour as I once again try my best to represent “Joe Cyclist” in a CBC morning radio interview. Recently, while (…)

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The Morning Shift

by CycleChick on June 5, 2012

Ten years ago, if you told me I would be getting up at 5am on a Saturday morning to go ride a bike for four hours, I would have sprayed the rye and coke right through my nose and all (…)

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Mother Road

by CycleChick on May 13, 2012

What a lovely day for a morning ride. While moms everywhere enjoyed a well-deserved sleep-in, followed by a luxurious breakfast of Fruit Loops and mustard served in bed – I squeezed into my finest Sunday bike kit, pumped my skinny (…)

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A Letter to Halfwheelers

by CycleChick on April 10, 2012

Dear Riding Buddy It’s early in the season and we’re all excited to get outside and ride, whether we’ve spent hours in the basement on the trainer or making fun of those that do. Either way, it’s easy to forget (…)

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It’s spring. Time to check your nuts.

by CycleChick on April 2, 2012

Not wanting to be left out of the deluge of weekend ride reports, here is mine: On Saturday I rode on an airplane. Then I rode in a car. It was neither awesome nor epic. On Sunday, however, I put (…)

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Day 5 – Saguaro

by CycleChick on March 22, 2012

The eight mile loop at Saguaro National Park is one of my favourite things about Tucson – right up there with the ability to buy beer at the Circle K. I cannot say with any authority that the Saguaro loop (…)

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