It’s the Halloweekend!

Holy shit I love Halloween. Probably even more than Christmas. In fact, for me Christmas is a miserable stress-fest of personal failure, inadequacy, and near financial ruin. In spite of my best intentions, I’ve never been able to create the perfectly orchestrated Martha Stewart Christmas I so long for – rather finding myself out at the mall on Christmas Eve purchasing terrible gifts for ridiculous amounts of money and wrapped hastily with left over Hello Kitty birthday wrapping paper.

But Halloween is different – this has always been my season to shine. I pull out all the stops, including crafting – by hand – ridiculously complex costumes for my kids, thus achieving my ultimate goal – making the other River Heights moms hate my guts.

Last year I threw possibly the best Halloween Party of all Time.

Sadly, this year a virus from hell made planning its sequel impossible. But fear not, there will be plenty of celebrating going on over the weekend, starting tonight at the über spooky Fort Gibraltar social.

I don’t think it’s a costume affair per se, but I don’t think anyone will object if show up in my “slutty cheerleader” costume. Although to be more on theme perhaps my “slutty voyageur” costume might be more appropriate.

And then of course there is Red River Racing’s annual “Halloween at the Harbour Camp” cyclocross race on Sunday afternoon. Details are here.

I have a whole different costume planned for the race, one that will hinder my ability to ride a bike as much as possible so I have an adequate excuse to suck (besides being sick for the last three weeks, which doesn’t really count). I’m thinking a Big Bird suit with no eye holes.

Happy Holidays everyone! See you at the races – especially you, Hal Loewen.