It’s spring. Time to check your nuts.

Not wanting to be left out of the deluge of weekend ride reports, here is mine:

On Saturday I rode on an airplane.

Then I rode in a car.

It was neither awesome nor epic.

On Sunday, however, I put on my Big Girl Pants for the first spring ride of the year.

After riding for a week in Arizona, I was quickly reminded of the realities of cycling here at home, including the Three Things Everybody Knows About Winnipeg:

1) As a result of being located in the middle of a prehistoric lake bed, in a climate that can fluctuate up to eighty degrees from summer to winter, the roads are total crap

2) The women are ridiculously good looking

3) There may not be hills, mountains, or cattleguards, but there is always wind.

Ideally, it is best to ride out into the wind so as to enjoy the push of a tailwind on the way back, when you are starting to feel fatigued. Such was not the case yesterday – with the wind at our backs, we enjoyed delusions of our superior fitness and strength for the first half of the ride, then upon turning around faced the fact we are only moderately as awesome as we thought. The fun part of the ride was over, and what would follow would most certainly suck.

At moments like this, all you can do is regroup, man up and checked your nuts.

Everything was found to be in order, and we headed home, into the windy wild blue yonder.