What Happens in Vegas…

Well Brother Al is finally getting married. Sorry girls. I was beginning to worry he was going to turn into one of those crazy old spinsters with, like, 50 cats and a house that smells of lilac and litter box. This is very good news.

He and his lovely bride-to-be Jen have decided to get married in Las Vegas. I was very excited when I found out, even though the wedding takes place nowhere near the time of Interbike or Cross Vegas (which really has the podium thing figured out).Since the wedding is happening during spring break, when we normally take the offspring somewhere fun and kid-friendly like Minneapolis, we are taking them along. I think we’ll keep them home from school for the first couple of days after the break, in order to miss the “What I did on My Spring Break” projects.Unlike Arizona, which is a week long homage to Rule #11, this week is about family – and if I so much as mention bikes I may find myself at the bottom of the Hoover Dam. Having said that, a holiday to a new place just isn’t complete without a covert trip to a cool bike shop or two and maybe an early morning spin class – like the one I did last year in Minneapplesauce. Maybe this year I can find one led by drag queens or show girls.

That would be awesome.