As seen in Vogue

Today I was recovering from a 100k morning ride the same way I’m sure most of you would – a nice soak in an epson salt bath with the September issue of Vogue. This was no easy task as the magazine has roughly the same girth as a phone book, and as everybody knows, cyclists have very little upper body strength.

As I leafed through the soggy pages I came across a story about a New York company called Playdate, who makes one-of-a-kind urban cruisers from salvaged “vintage” bike parts. I’m still not quite sure why this story was in Vogue, but since it is not often that the worlds of fashion and cycling collide, I had to check it out.

According to the website, Playdate is the brain child of “branding wizard” John Wolfington and “nightclub veteran” Andre Gonzales. And while an ad guy and an ex-bouncer may or may not know the first thing about bikes, they are clever enough to capitalize on the current and massive trend of cool urban customized fixie bikes. They basically refurbish old frames and add hip old school components like banana seats and upright handlebars, for an “understatedly cool way to get around”.

While I would seriously question the claim that they are understated, I will admit they are fancy, and they must be fashionable, since they were featured in Vogue.

Being obviously freshly minted, the website does not list prices, but I’m guessing the bikes will cost something in the neighbourhood of a Honda Civic (plus shipping and handling).

Given the company’s tagline “Pissing Excellence Since 2010”, I am also guessing this is likely a necessary money-making venture for Mr. Wolfington who may not exactly be wowing his clients with his branding prowess, wizard or not.