The Dirt Skirt

Under most circumstances, I think that bike races that discriminate based on gender are bullshit. I will however, make two exceptions.

The first is the Tour de France – but only because it is the Tour de France, and even then it’s still kind of bullshit since they sacked the women’s version of the race.

The second is The Dirt Skirt – a new women’s only mountain bike race being held on August 1st out at Burr Oak trail in Birds Hill Park. This race is brought to you by the ever-fabulous Velodonnas, and is the brainchild of Kim, Moni and Karen – three women who have dedicated countless hours of unbridled enthusiasm and sexiness to the local cycling scene.

This race is a great opportunity for you ladies who have been a little shy about coming out to try your hand at racing. Come and ride with the support and encouragement of your cycling sisters. Think of it as a fast ride with a number on your back. Think of it also as a practice run for racing with the boys. I guarantee you will be hooked. Especially if they take my suggestion of having shirtless firefighters as race marshals.

This race is open to everyone*, no MCA/UCI race licence is required. Get the details here. Pre-registration (here) is encouraged but payment is only accepted ONSITE.
*with a vagina

Poster courtesy of Tétro Design. I hear they’re alright.