The Aftermath

Unfortunately I have no riveting race report from Halloween at the Harbour (since I wasn’t there), but I have been enjoying all the photos and reports posted by others. Well done people! But even with the conspicuous absence of a cross race, my Halloween was a total hoot. Lunch with the Schlecks was just dandy, and later I hosted a shaker at our design studio downtown. With too many bevvies and too little sleep, I just could not squeeze out the wind tunnel test on Sunday morning as planned. My bad.

Racing would have been difficult in my 1950’s Betty Draper costume, and would have totally wrecked my hair anyway. Official cx photographer Stefan Isfeld came to the party after the race to have some fun and take pictures of something other than people trying to kill themselves for a change… or did he?

 1950’s necktie. (photo: Stefan Isfeld)

This is me, in case you don’t recognize me without a helmet on and covered with dirt. The green face might have tipped you off, since that is normally what colour it is after a race. Thanks Stefan! I’ve never looked better. In addition to the usual slutty schoolgirls, vampires and monsters, we had several Chilean miners, a Crash Test Dummy and a Kid in the Hall.

Paula B. and famous Kid, Kevin M. as Russian Spies. (photo by Stefan)
Scott (as Esther) and Andrei, the other Russian. (photo by Stefan)
No Halloween party is complete without a schoolgirl.
Perfectly timed rat infestation.
Despite my best efforts, the firemen from the fire hall across the street did not come.

Dear Old Dad even got in on the Halloween fun. With the simple addition of a first aid kit, his “Andrea’s Dad” costume was complete. Ha ha, very funny.

Ingenious “Andrea’s Dad” costume.