Mucha Kucha

What a great time last night at Pecha Kucha (which is pronounced totally different than I thought) at the Park Theatre. I was in good company with eight amazing speakers who gave presentations on everything from cupcakes to comic books.

I didn’t notice any projectile tomatoes or sounds of snoring from the audience, so I think it went pretty well.

Thanks to the folks who came out to represent the bike population (Phil, Carolyn, Randy, Stefan…) and politely laughed at my jokes. You all look totally hot in your underwear. Thanks to the bartender for the liquid courage and for complimenting me on my new dress. Also thanks to the person who moved the electrical circuit board out of the way when my son spilled his root beer.

Stay tuned, as top secret plans are underway for an encore performance. Rest assured, I do my own stunts.

Photo: Ian McCausland