It’s Official

Oh dear.

The ITT this week is officially cancelled due to a lack of a race official. This could be a recurring problem this year on the road side of things. A shallow pool of officials puts too much stress on those few poor souls who have the passion and qualifications to make sure our races are run by the book. No official, no race. This, combined with venue issues for the crits has put a real damper on the start of the road race season, which has been pretty damp to begin with. I am told a venue is very close to being secured for the crits, and the hope is to have the May 25th race stay on the board. That would be cool.

If you love bike racing, please consider becoming a race official. I’m not sure what’s involved, but I suspect it is nothing nearly as unpleasant as a root canal or birthday party at Chuck e Cheese. I am not above begging, but will stop just short of making any inappropriate promises. Ok, maybe a case of beer and a spitty kiss on the cheek.

And think of it. You can boss people around, have a front row seat at all the races AND you probably get to carry a clipboard. You would also have the respect, admiration and gratitude of us all.

Contact Twila at the MCA office if you are interested. Kay?