I want to show you something, but I’ll have to kill you after.

As you may have heard, the annual awards banquet for the Manitoba Cycling Association is happening next Saturday, November 24 at the Rossmere Golf and Country Club. In a brief moment of insanity, The Establishment asked if I would like to say a few words. Although they did not specify which words I should use, they were very emphatic in the ones I should not.

Of course my booking agent handled the negotiations on my behalf. Apparently, in addition to not being paid, after my presentation I will be doing the dishes and washing Twila’s car. He is so fired.

I was going to delight you with a captivating 45 minute interpretive dance, but then received some very exciting news. I have been given special permission by the government to share something as exciting as it is top secret – a yet-to-be released special project I worked on with some familiar local talent. Unfortunately I will have to kill you after you see it, but trust me, it will be SO worth it.

Don’t miss your opportunity to come out and celebrate the past year of racing with the local cycling folk, accompanied by the sweet, sweet sounds of Steve Scoles. There’ll be food, music, rainbow auction, and, of course, yours truly. If you were actually going to live to tell about it, you’d probably say it was pretty awesome.

Go here for more information. Deadline for tickets is midnight on Sunday – no tickets at the door y’all.