Fall Colours

There is nothing as peaceful and inspiring as a ride through the forest in the fall. Mother Nature surrounds us with the glorious splendour of autumn colours – a spectacular palette of golden yellow, warm reds and vibrant orange. The dry leaves crackle under our wheels and swirl up around us like glowing fireflies, illuminated by the warm sunlight.

The air is starting to cool, but in sheltered protection of the woods it becomes obvious we have overdressed. We peel off layers of unwanted clothing, just as the trees around us shed their leaves. When we do, the quiet stillness is startling.
Almost as startling as the moment when Mother Nature and gravity conspire against me – placing two fallen trees, one after another, directly in my path. I clear the first, but the second sends me hurtling earthward towards the welcoming bosom of nature, which is not as soft as you might expect.After a season spent primarily on pavement, Mother Nature has welcomed me home, generously bestowing on me the mother of all charlie horses. Like the trees in the forest, my leg is goldenrod, moss, and scarlet – an ever-changing and veritable cornucopia of fall colours.