Dark Merch is Here!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the season’s biggest and darkest cyclocross race happens this Saturday night under the lights of the Speedway. It’s not like you need another reason to attend, because there are like a million already – but check out the sweet shwag that you can buy to keep as a memento of the momentous maiden voyage of DarkCross

Every cyclocross fan needs a cowbell. If you’ve never been to a cross race, trust me on this one. Fans can cheer and heckle their most and least favourite racers with taunts, jeers, and the incessant ringing of these fine bells contributed by a herd of jerseys just south of Altona.

Everybody knows an event is not a real event unless there is a t-shirt. I learned this years ago after attending The Scorpions concert at the arena and everyone bought a shirt but me. With the exception of the ringing in my ears and a severe case of the munchies, it’s like I wasn’t even there.

You know you want them.

Math is hard, so to make things easy, shirts are $20 and bells are $10. This isn’t The Gap people, so bring cash. You’ll need it anyway for beer. Just bring more.

See you there. It’s going to be super great, even greater perhaps than The Scorpions.