Cycle Chick Joins The Dark Side

I am pleased to announce I have officially surrendered to the power of the Dark Side. I was told resistance was futile. They were right.

As you may know, I have been hobnobbing with the good folks at the Fort Garry Bike Club and Red River Racing since becoming entangled in the devious and ambitious plot that became Dark Cross. FGBC and RRR are in many ways the same club, although some would argue different. As with all of the other bike clubs, there are far more boys than girls. Thankfully boys don’t really gross me out anymore.

One thing is certain, they are a group of people that, along with the good folks at the Olympia Cycling Club, work incredibly well together to put on some great races (both on and off the MCA grid) – like tonight’s team time trial for example. And they always put as much emphasis on good times as they do on racing. Simply, they are good people who like beer, bikes, chips, and racing as much as I do.

More importantly, they understand the importance of looking one’s best, even when covered with dirt, sweat, blood and snot. FGBC has always had what some would call the Sweetest Jersey in the World, which was made a bit sweeter when I helped them improve some crappy resolution issues last year. Shorts were added, thus creating the Sweetest Kit in the World. Drunk with the possibilities, we then embarked on the Sweetest Wool Jersey in the World (or the Sweeterest Jersey in the World), which followed on the cozy wool heels of the Sweetest Socks in the World.

At this juncture, in addition to firing up the Dark Cross hype machine, we are developing the Sweetest Skinsuit in the World, which will also serve to introduce the world to Dark Red Racing – the official new race team of FGBC and RRR. Rest assured it will be Dark. And Red. And very likely rad as well. Hopefully rad is slimming.

If all of that that wasn’t incentive enough, they have also promised I can wear my Princess Leia costume whenever I want.