Crash #2

Doing a criterium in the rain is not a good idea. Slick roads, high speeds and tight corners are a recipe for disaster. Tonight the forecast was iffy, but when the time to go to the park for the Tuesday Night Crit Series I have been racing, the roads were dry and the sun was out. Paul had taken the boys to McDonalds and the bookstore. I couldn’t NOT go.

The forecast made for a small group of us, I think about 7. During the first lap it started to rain a little, just enough to wet the road. We started very slow, which often happens when nobody wants to take the front. After the last corner of the first lap I decided to make a move and take the front. Nothing crazy, and as we approached the first big corner I eased way off. The road was wet now and the rain was steady. As I hit the corner I immediately felt the bike start to hydroplane, and rather than continue around the corner, I straightened out and headed for the grass, yelling something as I went (can’t recall what) to alert the riders behind me that the corner was too wet to take at that speed. I went through the ditch, onto the grass and then went down on my side. Unfortunately a young rider (Aaron Carter) behind me went down too, but on the road. One other rider behind him also fell as he braked to avoid him.

We were all fine, with Aaron taking the worst of it, with scrapes to his chin, hip and knuckles. Thankfully Dad was close by and came running over, as well as the medical help they have present at all the races. He was treated on the spot and doing well by the end of the race when his Mom came to the rescue with the car.

The race was restarted and Aaron and I opted for the DNF. As much as it hurt to watch from the sidelines, the sight of the remaining riders taking the corners made my stomach clench from the memory of the feeling of the wheels sliding out from under me. It was the prudent choice. By the end of the race it was pouring.

Aaron, if you are reading this, you are an awesome racer with amazing talent, smarts, courage and the toughness of someone much older. The Bianchi is your buddy, you earned it. Get well soon!