Burning Love

If you’re the type that loves riding through mud and sand on fat, knobby tires, dodging trees, roots, rocks and such, then you might want to get your hairy-legged self to Sandilands Provincial Forest this Sunday for the second Manitoba mountain bike cup race. This is a 2012 Manitoba Summer Games selection race, so you best avoid the trees and go very fast.

Thankfully, the recent deluge of rain that has totally fucked up my road riding schedule and made a mess of my bike has also extinguished the raging forest fires that were threatening the race site – so you are clear to race with no fear of becoming barbecued. And I’m sure the term”Suicide Hill” is merely a charming local moniker given to keep wayward teens from loitering. Really.

This race is being hosted by Alter Ego and the fine folks at Body Driven Sports in Steinbach. The race bible is here.

If nothing else, you should go because that is one sweet poster.