The Fine Art of Rest

Coach Rick’s mantra is “train hard, rest harder”. It’s great advice, but if you are an “A” type borderline OCD individual like I suspect most of us are, resting is hard. It is also hard to think of lying around doing sweet bugger all as an essential part of training, but it truly is, whether we like it or not. In addition to ensuring our spouses don’t throw our spandex-covered asses out on our ears, all that couch time gives our poor muscles time to repair themselves from all the damage we inflict on them day after day.

So it stands to reason that if you train like a pro (which of course we all do), you should rest like a pro. The Brothers Schleck were kind enough to send me this training video on how to rest like a pro, on the condition I wouldn’t share it with the Rotten Little Spaniard. Pinky promise!

While I don’t have immediate access to a private fishing pond in Luxembourg, our little cabin on the shore of the Rat River in rural Manitoba was a suitable alternative for my intense weekend of rest training.

6am – Woken by drug testers for yet another “random” sample. Thank goodness they don’t test for Gin and tonic.

6:30 – On the road for a recovery ride to spin the festering lactic acid out of the legs. No sunflowers available for a beauty shot, canola field will have to do.

Crowds of admiring fans line the roadside for a fleeting glimpse.

Passed Thor Hushovd on the road doing some stealth training. He’ll be sorry.

10am – Head back to camp to check out new time trial bike with sweet imported euro hand grips. I am going to destroy Cancellara.

12pm – Protein is essential for muscle repair and recovery. Time for some dirty, nasty, greasy meat.

2pm – A surprise appearance by Frank and Andy, who give some great tips on catching carp. The fish are mesmerized by the cool racing kits and jump right out of the water into a jersey pocket.

These guys are great fishers, especially considering there are no carp in the Rat River.

Alberto Contador stops by for a visit too. We thought the guy would never leave.

5pm – Dinner time. More nasty meat.

6:30pm – Time for bed. Muscle recovers best while we sleep, so 14-18 hours per night is essential for optimum performance. Hopefully the hillbillies next door didn’t get any fireworks or ammo from the Co-Op today.

Rest hard. You deserve it!