Saturday: Unpleasant Surprises

Saturday started out normally… I got up, made coffee, fed the cat (who is irritatingly still alive), and gathered my gear for a communal bike work out at Esther and Gyula’s house.

But before any of that, I did what I always do: check the email, check out the facebook, and check out the analytics for my blog. I was particularly pleased to see that on Friday someone from New York City had spent precisely 7 minutes and 18 seconds here.

Which made me think of über blogger Bike Snob NYC. Since I hadn’t taken the time to read his blog for a while, I decided to go for a visit. When I did, I got a very unpleasant surprise. The Snob and I had both written about the same thing on Friday! Talk about embarrassing!

Here’s my post.

Here’s his. (scroll about half way down)

The irony of course is that I wrote about the awkward faux-pas of everybody on Team Leopard-Trek showing up in the same outfit, and this is most certainly the blogging equivalent. Even worse, writing about the same topic as The Snob is like showing up at a party in the same dress as Carmen Electra.

I’m not a brunette, or as skinny as Olive Oyle, but you get the idea. It is a no-win situation.

My second unpleasant surprise came in the shower after the long(ish) indoor communal bike workout. As a de-grossed myself, I looked down to see what I thought was dirt (the obvious answer) on my right foot. Said dirt proved impossible to remove, even while precariously balancing on one foot and scrubbing with soap and a loofah (for you dudes out there, that’s an abrasive scrubby thing). Said dirt was in fact a nasty bruise. (If you are one of those people grossed out by feet, you might not want to read further. If you are one of those people turned on by feet, …you know that’s a little weird, right?)

I hadn’t noticed the bruise before, and am pretty sure it was sustained during the workout. But I cannot figure out for the life of me what could have caused it. I’ve never had a bruise there before. And no, I did not drop the trainer on my foot. Have any of you bike people out there experienced this? Is is the equivalent of runners’ black toes and removable toenails? My road shoes (Specialized) are getting older, and I did experience some irritating numbness over the course of the workout, but nothing I would classify as out of the ordinary.

I am resisting the urge to check it out on, because it will in all likelihood either tell me that I am a hemophiliac, or that I have cancer, when the logical conclusion, of course, is that I need a new carbon fiber Trek Madone 6.9. Easy.