Monday – Nice n’ Easy

Today we rolled out of Tombstone for the 72 mile ride to Wilcox. Which was a shame really, since I have been the belle of the ball here. So far I have caught the eye of an old and overweight biker, as well as the checkout guy at the Circle K. Let me tell you, if I was in the market for a new boyfriend, Tombstone would provide a veritable cornucopia of quality options.

Last year, this same stretch was a really tough, with very strong winds the whole day. Not this time though. After yesterday’s ride, today was a nice and easy day, mostly downhill, a few climbs and not much wind.

Pee breaks are a challenge for us ladies out here. While the boys can walk a short distance to relieve themselves, the girls are forced to go bushwhacking through thistles and thorns to find a discreet location.

I have been assaulted numerous times by hostile shrubberies of the prickly variety, turning my delicate fanny into a pincushion-y mess of thorns mixed with saddle cream. Ouch.

I could show a million images of us riding on beautiful roads and great scenery. But without the feel of the bike under you, the warm Arizona wind on your face, and the smooth sound of the wheels gliding over the road, the pictures don’t even really do it justice.

Like I mentioned, we stop every 20 miles or so, and always look forward to lunch. Susan and Gladys do our shopping and always find great things for us to eat. Today we had fresh blueberries, oranges and avocados, which were the perfect ripeness.

Brian and Ben are rocking new Arizona jerseys they purchased back in Tucson. Brian even bought the matching socks. We are nothing if not stylish!

We finished early today, due to the shorter distance and favourable conditions. Some celebrated with ice cream, and some of us honoured the pro racing tradition of drinking cheap white wine from the Circle K right out of the bottle.

Meanwhile poor Brother Al was stuck doing the laundry in the hotel bathtub.

Keep smiling Al! Tomorrow we ride 90 miles.