Lanceville Correction and a Tangent

My friend Chris Harrington pointed out a significant error in my last post. Lance Armstrong did not win the 2009 Tour de Bleeping France. Fellow Astana team mate and arch-nemesis Alberto Contador won. Lance came in third. Oops! Thanks Chris!!

I watched the 2009 tour and while I wasn’t necessarily cheering for Lance, when I saw Contador’s self-serving style of racing I didn’t care who won, as long as it wasn’t him. Contador showed no class in the Tour, riding only for himself, taking stupid chances, and making moves that hurt his team and it’s members. I hope big George Hincappie gets that little Spaniard alone in an alley one day and feeds him a can of whup-ass, it would be well deserved. The 2010 Tour will be one to watch for sure with Lance heading the newly minted Radio Shack team and Contador on the significantly weakened Astana team (all the good riders left with Lance). Even Contador has conceded that Radio Shack is a stronger team.