It’s Beginning to Look a lot like…

What’s softer than pavement and cleaner than mud?

SNOW!! And shitloads of it.

A twist of fate (or rather snapped ucl ligament, as well as an ill-timed business trip to Ottawa) means I am missing what is shaping up to be the craziest (and sadly last) cyclocross race of the season. Mother Nature has graciously provided fluffy white cushioning aplenty to lessen the impact of all the inevitable crashes that will make The Belgian Super Nordic Cross the pinnacle of cx mayhem. Spectators will not be disappointed.

I am not one bit happy about missing the race, the beer OR the pommes frites avec mayo in all their greasy Belgian glory. The only thing lessening the sting of my misfortune is a planned visit to The Cyclery in our nation’s capital, where I’m sure Stephen Harper buys all of his high-end cyclocross gear. ┬áIn fact I swiped these images from their website (I’ll beg forgiveness when I’m there) just to help whet your appetite for dashing through the snow on a sexy carbon bike.

Beats the hell out of shovelling. If you have a UCI licence, a bike and body in working order, and DON’T go to this race, I can no longer be your friend. Sorry.