Frank and Andy Go Fishing

A fellow Schleck fan sent me this video and it is just way too sweet not to share.

If that doesn’t make you miss the Tour, nothing will. These brothers make me hopeful that there is a future for pro cycling in the post-Lance era, amid the doping scandals and UCI witch hunts. They are proof that there are still heros among us. They are classy and funny those boys, and when you see them like this, relaxing on home turf, you see them for what they really are. Boys really, young and goofy kids who just happen to be among the fastest cyclists on the planet.

I especially love that Frank supports his brother, and is happily resigned to the fact that he is second best. He’s even cool with the fact that Andy fishes better, has more luck. I hope my boys grow up to support each other like that. It would also be nice if they grow up to win the Tour de France, since the NHL contracts are unlikely.

I also hope that while he’s fishing, Andy catches a nice big can of whup-ass to feed to that little Spaniard in July.