Cross Training & The Sweet Pursuit of Domestic Harmony

In the interest of maintaining peace on the home front, I’m afraid I’ll be sitting out The Barrier this weekend. And by sitting out I mean hanging out with the family at our cabin in St. Malo enjoying tortière, moonshine and rousing games of Battleship. Not a bad tradeoff considering I have done three races in the last three weeks, therefore monopolizing the family weekends in the pursuit of my folly. And, truth be told, I could use the rest.

I am a little disappointed though, considering: a) it’s going to be an awesome course b) I need the practice, and c) it will affect my seeding, which could be described as mid-nosebleed section at best. But I suppose losing a few spots beats coming home to find all my spandex on the front lawn. To ensure good placement at the next start, perhaps I should take a page from my ex-boyfriend’s playbook and make a generous donation to a commissaire via a bogus Swiss training consultancy.

In addition to chilling with the Cycle Family, I will take some time this weekend to prepare for MennoCross and other races to come. In fact, I have invited Bart Wellens and Danny MacAskill to my annual Top Secret St. Malo Cyclocross Training Camp, which will include such favourites as hurling ourselves down the spillway, doing laps of the Grunthal Sand and Gravel Mine, as well as the Path of Danger.

Last year Danny and I took turns jumping over Bart Wellens. It should be just short of awesome.

Have a great race folks. See you next weekend at Menno Cross!