When in Rome

Inspired by a recent post, my friend Esther and a few of her co-workers up in the Physics Department have decided to hold a historic reenactment of the 1983 presentation of the 50th anniversary Campagnolo group set* to His Holiness, Pope John Paul II. The reenactment will take place on the 28th anniversary of the blessed event, at 2pm Wednesday June 15, 2011, in Vatican City, Rome.

I was graciously invited to attend, and Esther provided me with the cast list as follows:

PopeDr. Lucas, PhD.
Assistant cardinal – Juanita
Confused fan wearing sunglasses – Harry
Excited Campagnolo executive – Esther
Excited assistant to excited Campagnolo executive – Jenn

Unfortunately, Dr. Lucas (a physicist) declined the role of Pope, siting his inability to be, or pretend to be Catholic. However, Esther and her co-workers seemed to think I would be a suitable alternative, being both a bike enthusiast AND a Catholic. Of course I accepted the role (which requires me to say “thanks” in Italian, accompanied by a demure and thankful glance) immediately.

I am both honoured and delighted at the prospect of portraying His (or rather Her) Holiness in the dear doctor’s place, and have already started planning a suitably Eurotrash outfit for the occasion. It will definitely include white leather pants, enormous Gucci sunglasses and a Hermès head scarf.

It is, after all, the roll of a lifetime.

Grazie, Esther!

*It was recently pointed out to me that the proper, non-Americanized name for a group set is a gruppo. “Group set” is considered gauche, which is French for “tacky” or more accurately “not French”. However, considering neither “group set” nor “gruppo” are French, I suspect either option is acceptable by everyone but the French.