Over the years, I have come to discover that the line between obsession and complete indifference is curiously small. Some people find their passion early in life, while the rest of us flounder from pillar to post in search of something (or someone) that makes us feel like we are exactly what we were meant to be.

It turns out I was meant to be a mediocre bike racer, blogger and cycling fanatic.

In my flounderings, I have developed obsessions (and consequent indifferences) to everything from rock climbing to making dolls. And in every case, the love affair was as brief as it was intense. And by brief I mean sixteen months. Tops. So the fact that I have maintained this blog with any regularity whatsoever is nothing short of a miracle. As far as obsessions go, I think this might be the one.

Of course the blog is merely an extension of my larger obsession with cycling, and yet it satisfies some baser need in the way that step aerobics never could. Like most blogs, I started off writing for myself – it was an outlet for my new obsession that spared those around me from the mountain of cycling-related thoughts, questions, rants and observations that completely occupied my every waking hour. Inevitably – the interwebs being what they are – I was found. And somewhere along the way, as much as I was still writing for myself, I also began to write for you. Unfortunately, like dancing around the house in your underwear, things always change when you know someone is watching. I’ve tried to keep this blog personal and honest, but I am now more conscious of being entertaining and useful as well.

Even so, I hope you like dancing too.