The Sweeterest Jersey in The World

Happy day! A wool jersey I designed for the Fort Garry Bike Club has arrived just in time for the Spring Classics! Behold The Sweeterest Jersey in the World (the title of The Sweetest Jersey in the World is already taken by the club’s race jersey). It is a product of the collective evil genius of the Dark Lord, the Hipster and yours truly, with notable contributions from a number of unwitting black sheep somewhere in Italy.

It’s an appropriately dark and sexy retro number manufactured right here in Canada by Cima Coppi, who manufactures their garments using the most eco-friendly and sustainable methods possible. They are, after all, from Vancouver and very likely hippies. They were an absolute pleasure to work with and the jerseys are freaking spectacular. Much to Charlene’s chagrin, G has been wearing his day and night since it arrived. I suspect in spite of the odour suppressing qualities of fine merino wool, at some point one would inevitably start to smell like an Italian sheep.

Cima Coppi jerseys are lovingly made by hand in the old school method by a guy named Lawrence – who I would like to imagine is an 80 year-old Italian ex-pro bike racer, but probably isn’t. Each panel is hand-cut and sewn together, creating more structural integrity and general old school badassery than your garden variety wooly. I ordered the women’s model, which they have tailored perfectly – unlike many other manufacturers who assumes all women have the proportions of a smurf.

You can be sure I will be wearing my fabulous new jersey as I watch the Hard Men battle it out over the cobbles this year. What could be sweeterer?