Solo Jerseys

I’ve been thinking about jerseys a lot lately, and wanted to share one of my favorite finds. Solo, a bike apparel company out of New Zealand, has captured my heart with it’s line of fabulous vintage-inspired jerseys. Simple, with sophisticated colour combinations and gorgeous typography, these are nice reminder of old-world racing jerseys before multiple sponsorship took over and made a mess of things (and I love the odd product shots of “real world” guys in front of pretty, granny wallpaper). They are only available in mens’ sizes, but if you’re a gal with a “manly build” like me, you can probably get away with it. Just make sure your earrings match.

In Canada they are available through a retailer in Montreal whose name escapes me (you have Google too pal, use it) and if memory serves they cost a small fortune. But compared to a set of carbon racing wheels (or a pair of Manolo Blahniks) they are a real steal.

Note: No sheep were injured in the making of this posting.