Show me the Muddy

Ah summer. The most ironic of the seasons, since there is so much riding and bike related goodness going on, there is no time to write about it.

The CycleFamily vacation ended just in time for me to hop on my bike Sunday morning and ride 100 miles in the Muddy Waters Gran Fondo. (And no Jason, to answer your question, Gran Fondo is not a cheese). You’ll recall last year I was injured and hired a stunt double to ride for me, shown here on the right with Brother Al at the start. I’ve always wanted to be a redhead.
You may also recall it was a very hot day. Here he is at the end of the race ride, resplendent in the afterglow of my incredible accomplishment.

I’ve been holding off on writing about this year’s race ride since professional photography is as yet unavailable. But waiting is hard, so I will forge ahead with the limited shots I took myself. Like this one of the lineup to the porta-potties.

Eventually, I did reach the front of the line, and not long after we rolled out of the Forks led by an escort of Winnipeg’s Finest. This was a great opportunity to witness the “accordion effect” where as the group accelerates and slows, the people at the back are subjected to being strung out then slammed together like… well, an accordion. Last time I did Muddy Waters, I was closer to the back. Not so fun. Being near the front this year was much better, with the added bonus of the hilarious sound effects coming from behind.

It was a beautiful day and a spectacular ride, as is clearly evident by my equally spectacular pictures. Sadly I only had the opportunity to take these three.

You see what happens when you don’t come to take pictures, Stefan??

As hard as the ride was, after a week of riding the Black Hills of South Dakota the flat roads were a welcome change. Another welcome change from my vacation riding was being with other people – LOTS of people. Everyone was awesome, even the one guy who doesn’t seem to like being behind girls. That’s ok buddy, my 9 year-old son thinks girls are icky too.

Thanks to everyone I had the pleasure of riding with. Even if the pictures don’t really show it, it was an awesome day.