DarkCross is Coming, y’all!

Yesirree, and you better be ready. DarkCross is sure the be THE event of this year’s race calendar, which has been as skimpy as the Daisy Dukes I wore last night on a recon trip to the Speedway.

How I got tangled up in helping organize this race is a long story, but let’s just say Uncle Gerry is probably smiling down on us from the great dirt track in the sky.

I’m not what you would call a Nascar kind of girl, but there is no denying the rush of adrenaline that comes when a bunch of beat-up looking race cars come roaring around the track. It’s dirty, loud and fast – so loud and fast, in fact, that the ground shakes. It was disturbingly exciting. Which is exactly what DarkCross is shaping to be as well.

Plans are well underway and if you haven’t got your racing licence, get it now. I bet there’s even still time to get a tattoo. There will be music, and beer and dirt and most all the fun things you can possibly think of to do in the dark, including a kick-ass cyclocross race. The Dark Lord is masterminding a course that will challenge and amaze you, and quite likely make you cry like a baby. Especially if it rains.

If racing isn’t your thing, come for the party. It’s on a Saturday night, and if there’s anything more fun than crashing your fool self in a bike race, it’s watching other people do it. The course will let spectators get up close and personal, so you can heckle the racers mere inches away as their faces hit the dirt. That, my friends, is entertainment at its finest. Best of all, you can watch for free – liberating all of your hard-earned wages for the noble pursuit of beer and snacks.

Whether you plan on racing, or just prefer to watch and heckle, let us know you are coming. Sign in through facebook here, or at the CBC Sports Day in Canada page here (who knew?). Race registration will take place at the event. In case you missed it the first time, check out the official website here.

Yee haw!!