Roman Holiday

Some of you may recall a very special invitation I received a while back from my friend Esther and the rest of the kids in the Physics Department. My presence was requested to witness a reenactment of the presentation of a 50th anniversary Campagnolo gruppo to His Holiness John Paul II back in 1983.

You may also recall that after the doctor who was slated to play the Pope decided he wasn’t Catholic enough to participate, I was asked to stand in. I enthusiastically accepted – after all, it’s not every day you get to break out the white leather pants and fly to Vatican City to play the Pope.

But fly to Vatican City we did and I am pleased to report the papal reenactment was a resounding success! I can hardly wait to install my new Campi gruppo, which will be done as soon as I clean off all that sticky grappa we spilled on it.

Ah Rome…

Esther did a splendid job playing the excited Campagnolo executive – positively nailing “reverence” and “humility”. Juanita’s performance as the Assistant Cardinal was nothing short of sublime, perfectly played right down to the glasses she wore. Harry’s understated portrayal of the Confused Fan Wearing Sunglasses was right on the money. Oscar material for sure. Sadly, a work-related matter (namely work) prohibited Jenn from playing the Excited Assistant to the Excited Campagnolo Executive, something I’m sure her agent will be hearing about.

Special kudos to the art department for making the business card holder Esther really gave me look exactly like a 50th Anniversary Campagnolo gruppo. Bravo!