You have to start somewhere

Alrighty. So here is the first official posting for my new blog, Winnipeg CycleChick. Apparently I am not the only CycleChick out there, hence the need to include my location. Starting a cycling blog in January in Winnipeg is a bit like starting a diet right before Christmas. Kind of pointless. Not much to write about other than torturous indoor training in the basement staring at the teleposts that keep my house from falling on me and putting me out of my misery. Lance is in fucking Kona and I’m looking at a telepost. But Lance has beaten cancer and won the Tour de France seven times. Oh and came in a pathetic second once too. I have not had cancer, but I’ve had some pretty bad sunburns. I haven’t won the Tour, but did watch most of it last year on TV. Here is a look at my glamourous and state-of-the-art training facility.

8 weeks ’til Tucson and counting.