TTT Time

There is no race I have been looking forward to more this year than the team time trial coming up this Wednesday. Maybe it’s because I’ve never done one before, or maybe it’s because when I watch the pros do it, it makes me want to run away and become a bike groupie. The speed, the graceful flow of the echelon, the matching skinsuits…not even a leopard-clad David Lee Roth in his prime comes close to that kind of sexy. (note, it is pronounced LAY-o-pard)

It’s the balls-to-the-wall effort of a time trial (if you are of the ball-less gender, insert alternate body part equally vulnerable to extreme pain), but with company. Or if you prefer, it’s the communal experience of a road race, but nobody you’re riding with is trying to kick your ass.

Sorry… another gratuitous TTT image. Damn that’s cool.

It’s being put on by the fine folks from The Fort Garry Bike Club and Red River Racing, so it’s guaranteed to be organized, stupid fun, and most certainly NOT cancelled. There will be prizes for stuff other than just the fastest team, like the ever-popular make your own aero helmet contest. I also hear there’s a dog fest. AFTER of course. Woof.

Get a team together. If you can’t, one may be provided for you, the quality of which cannot be guaranteed. Matching skinsuits or other similarly sexy outfits are the sole responsibility of individual teams.

All the info is here. And check this shit out too, because it’s awesome.