Things not to do with an Expensive Road Bike

Mark and Terry both sent me this video today – perhaps to show me what I could do if only I had a $15,000 Pinarello Dogma. It’s making the rounds on the interwebs, but I thought it was still worth sharing.

It’s pretty awesome stuff, but I wonder how many wheels and tubes he blows in the course of a ride. I suppose compared to my broken wrist, fractured hip and ruptured spleen, he probably gets off pretty easy. Especially with those hot bike w(r)enches to lube and clean his bike up with a few squirts of good old-fashioned (and equally shocking) WD40.

Seeing that nifty video reminded me of something I saw this summer – another example of something you should never do with an expensive road bike.Jesus wept. Unless they plan on carrying the ashes of Marco Pantani on that rack, that bike should be taken away and given to a good home.