Pretty in Pink

Anyone who knows me know this: I do not wear pink on my bike. I will never have a pink bike (unless it has a basket on the front and I move to Italy), and often rant about the fact that sportswear manufacturers seem to think that in order to appeal to athletes of the gentler sex, they must colour code our stuff in pink.


In honour of the Giro d’Italia, currently being held in, well, Italy, I would like to share this notable exception to my anti-pinkness:

Pictured is pro racer and ex(haw)-doper Alexandre Vinokourov, donning the coveted maglia rosa (pink jersey), the Italian race’s equivalent of France’s yellow one. I love this, note the matching booties and gloves! So fabulous. Look how jealous his Astana teammate looks!

Ironically, I think he can only get away with this look because he is a man. The pink is purposeful and proud. Not pretty and sissified. Ok, well maybe a bit, but I think he earned it.