On a Lighter Note: Re-Cycling

I love the idea of making things that no longer serve their intended purpose into other things. Like using an old pair of man-gitch to clean and oil my chain. (Don’t judge me, you know you do it too).

Check out these wacky pieces of recycled art-cum-furniture, sent to me by my “bike-crack” dealer Ian. Wouldn’t it be nice to be this crafty? I suspect any attempt on my part to create something this useful or interesting out of old bike parts would result in a hideous greasy mess, tears, and a tetanus shot.

They are made by artist Matt Shiley, who I think may be a bit of a kook, but in a non-threatening and charming way – unlike Crazy Angry Man on Albert Street who yells at me when I tell him I don’t have any cigarettes.

It’s a good thing there are kooky people out there with mad welding skills and too much time on their hands. I think I’ll just stick to the gitch and maybe a glue gun.