Nasty, nasty spill last night. Still can’t believe it. Thanks to all for the well wishes.

5 shots of morphine, three x-rays, lots of painful rash scrubbing, 7 stitches over my eye, 5 on my hip, torn hip ligaments and road rash pretty much head to toe. Thankfully no breaks or dislocation as originally feared. Wound to head looked worse than it was, Sorry, no photos of the damage to share just yet. Too sore. In the meantime, below are a couple of images that I hope illustrate how happy bike racing makes me. They are compliments of Stefan Isfeld, who was kind enough not only to allow me to use them here, but also made me laugh (ouch) with his witty response to my request: One favor please when typing my name for the credit . I’m Icelandic so my name is spelled with an f not ph. ph is for Englishmen and the only thing they are good for as far as an Icelander is concerned is cleaving from clavicle to navel with with an ax while you steal their silver. At least that’s the way the Sagas tell it.”

Photos: Stefan Isfeld