Muddy Waters 2010

Normally this post would be a riveting description of how epic and brutal the Muddy Waters 100 mile Habitat for Humanity charity ride (not race) was. But considering I didn’t do it, you will be spared. Sort of.

I can’t speak to how fantastically hot it was, or how fast the pace was, or how many bottles of water, gels and bars I consumed. I can’t tell you what my average speed or heart rate was, or how many calories I burned. But thankfully I knew enough people who rode (not raced) that I feels like I was there, so there are a few things I can tell you. Like the fact that my brother went with his buddy Brady, who signed in at the registration table as Andrea Tétrault rather seeing than my registration go to waste. How a man with a goatee passed for me I am not sure, but apparently the volunteers were quite liberal with the transfer policy, or merely have difficulty distinguishing between the genders.

There were some great photos taken and posted by the Habitat for Humanity folks, which at the risk of all sorts of copyright and other infringements, I will happily appropriate and share.

Here is a picture of how my brother and Brady (aka. Andrea) looked before the race… I mean ride. That’s me on the right.

And here is what they looked like after.

Here is a picture of my friends Michelle and Stig discussing their diabolical race tactics.

And here is Michelle again, this time putting the boots to a bunch of dudes, despite her pink flowered jersey.

Here is Phil, wondering why the hell I haven’t passed him yet.

Here is Coach Jayson, surrounded by his kids, looking pretty confident they are gonna kick some ass. (no doubt they did!)

Here are Nathan (L) and Blake (R), two of my crit racing peeps. And look! Nathan must go to the same tailor I do!

I wish I had a picture of Chris, who finished with the lead 100km group, and Scott who pulled out all the stops and finished with the top 100 mile group along with Tim Woodcock after somehow managing to convince us he had been injured all summer. Way to go Scottie! But now that we’re onto you, you are officially lead-out man on all the sprints for the rest of the season. Just saying.

Congrats to all who rode (not raced) this awesome event despite the 400 degree temperature and ten million per cent humidity. I look forward to suffering with you all next year.

Ask and ye shall receive. Thanks to Chris for pointing me to the shots I was missing of he and Scottie. Here is Chris valiantly heading up his line. Scott is now included at the front of the Hammer Head peloton at the start of the post! You’ll also see Francois and the two Michaels, and if those powerhouses are suffering, you know it’s bad.