Mucho Muerto

Something very exciting arrived here at CycleChick headquarters this week. And no, it wasn’t a case of high quality bourbon delivered by a shirtless Channing Tatum. I’m still waiting for that one.

It was, in fact, the Operacion Muerto jersey I designed this winter. It looks pretty sweet, if I do say so myself. Midnight blue, and starry like the clear, peaceful night sky one might see halfway through an ultra-endurance event – right before falling asleep and riding into a ditch.

Have a look.

Thanks again to Hal and Chris coming up with this cool idea. And chapeau to all the hard men and women who will slather this jersey with their sweat, snot and vomit as they push themselves to the limit. It was an honour to clothe you.

Thanks also to Sharri Z. who I forced to take these pictures – as well as the super smart, funny and attractive model, whoever she may be.

If you want one of these fine frocks, well, too bad – you had your chance and missed the boat. However, it will likely sail again, so watch for announcements on the official Operacion Muerto website, here.