Mr. Armstrong, my card…

I have always marvelled at the stories and articles written about emergency road side bike fixes that can be done with everyday objects. I have trouble operating even proper bike tools, so playing MacGyver on the side of a highway somewhere with nothing more than twigs, chewing gum and a length of used dental floss holds little promise.

Rethink is an ad agency in Vancouver known for their “outside the box” thinking. For example, one year as a Christmas promotion they gave their clients “handicapped” mirror hangers for their cars to ensure they would get premium parking for their holiday shopping.¬†And yeah, they got in a bit of trouble…

They also used their design super powers to design some very clever and practical business cards for Vancouver bike shop Broke Bike Alley.

This one fits in your wallet (or jersey pocket) and lets you adjust your bolts and spokes. And when you’re all done playing Mister (or Missis) Fixit, it will even open your beer.

And this one is a handy dandy tire patch.

Imagine if you were riding the Leaville 100 and happened across a certain Lance Armstrong, who as luck would have it was struggling with an ill-timed flat tire 10 miles from the finish line.

You could pull a Contador and just blast by, or you could do the sportsmanlike thing and give him your card. Then blast by.