Mothers’ Day Ride

Sunday is Mothers’ Day. In celebration of the wonderful woman who brought you into this world, you should get your ass out of bed early and come ride 100km with us. After all, your mother loves you more than anything and wants nothing more than your health and happiness. So not riding would probably make her sad, and I know you don’t want that.

If you are a mom, Sunday is your day, which means you can do whatever the hell you want. Why not make the day as long as possible by getting up a little early and going for a nice long guilt-free ride. Be sure to mix yourself a pre-ride chocolate martini.

If you are married to a mom, this gets a little trickier. I would suggest putting the kids in charge of an elaborate breakfast. The mother of your children loves nothing more than waking up to a a nice bowl of Fruit Loops and mustard, served in a kitchen that looks like it’s been hit by an f7 tornado. Remember, diamonds are expensive, but probably no more than your fancy carbon road bike, which you would have to replace after she “accidentally” backs over it repeatedly with the family car.

Ride Details:

Sunday, May 13
Departing from the duck pond at Assinibione Park
Start time: 7am SHARP
Distance: Approxmately 100km
Route: West past Pigeon Lake. We will either do the Marquette loop, a 50km out-and-back, or a gravel loop option towards St. Eustache.
Pace: 30-35km/h depending on group size, wind, and number of pre-ride chocolate martinis

See you there!