Lance Redecorates

Ok, ok. I promised myself I wasn’t going to post anything about Lance Armstrong ever again.


But I certainly wasn’t the only one who noticed this photo that Lancypants posted on Twitter shortly after the UCI stripped him of his seven Tour (not) wins because he cheated. The shrinking fan base he somehow maintains sent out a collective cyber-cheer. The rest of us raised our eyebrows and threw up in our mouths a little bit.  If they gave out yellow jerseys for arrogance, I suspect he’d need a much bigger basement. The folks over at the Tour de France were certainly not impressed. They probably would have marched their French selves right into that basement to take those jerseys back if it didn’t mean they had to enter Texas to do it.

Then I saw this.Someone over at Evil Cycling took a few minutes to offer some redecorating advice, replacing Lance’s ill-gotten booty with portraits of some of his biggest fans, like Floyd Landis, Greg LeMond, the Andreus, and Tyler Hamilton. I particularly like the blood IV tastefully propped in the corner. A room truly made for a champion.