It’s Giro Time!

GiroAs you are all aware, the Giro D’Italia starts tomorrow morning at 8:30am CDT. If we are lucky, by the time we get to work it will still be streaming and we can use the Friday Sicky’s* computer to watch it.

Of course it goes without saying that we must all wear at least one article of pink clothing tomorrow, regardless of gender. Fellas, I will have you know that no hot-blooded woman can resist a man with the sexual confidence to wear pink. Consider yourselves warned. The only other acceptable option is a zebra skin suit. Choose wisely.

To fully embrace the experience, here is an excellent primer of Italian Cycling terms from our friends at Pez Cycling to get you prepared.

Don’t worry, you have a few days to memorize these terms because for some idiotic reason this year the race starts in Ireland. Mind you, something tells me a concentrated (and likely well-lubricated) combination of Italians and Irish would make for one hell of a party. And probably lots of babies. Regardless, somewhere, Marco Pantani is spinning in his grave.

*a person who only gets sick on Fridays.