I’m Not Dead Yet

1398759_657184750992693_920451437_oI’ve just been busy.

Lately I have received some very touching emails and assorted notes expressing concern at my whereabouts and well being. You guys are way too nice! The reality is I am back here in Winnipeg and working hard on the next post from my Amazing Italian Adventure. It’s a really good one, honest. I am just waiting for some fancy approvals to use one of Augustus Farmer’s amazing photographs that he shot for Peloton Magazine. Apparently the good people at Peloton were sleeping at 3am and unable to approve our request. As I am writing this, Augustus is likely sipping his last cuppa tea and settling into bed.

So to make a longish story shortish, the next post will be up tomorrow, with or without Gus’ amazing shot. I hope they say yes, because this is my backup shot.robfordparty2Stay tuned!