I Hate House

full_teamOh House Industries, how I hate you and your elegant and beautifully executed design solutions. I’ve hated you for a while now, with your always-perfect handprinted serigraph prints, clever housewares, and, of course, amazing catalogue of typographic genius. But after seeing the incredible work you did for master frame builder Richard Sachs and his cyclocross team, I hate you even more.sachs_bike_siderichard_pointing

sachs_bike_heroI am a graphic designer. I love bikes. Do you have any idea how many people sent me messages, links, emails, Tweets and posts about this little project of yours?

Like, a million. It’s like being told over and over again how pretty your sister is.

I hate you for showing us a new way of looking at how design and cycling can come together in one brand that is contemporary and yet somehow speaks to a rich visual tradition, without feeling like yet another poor imitation. You’ve considered every detail, every angle, and somehow ensured the execution was flawless – a nearly impossible feat with something so complex and…well, fiddly.sachs_bike_frame_silosachs_frame_herodan_stretchI hate you for making it look so easy.

I also hate you for giving us hope that one day, graphic design for the bike industry won’t be the macho, gaudy and unholy mess it is today. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

Oh and I see you just worked on a sweet little typographic kit for that rag The New Yorker. You’re trying to kill me right?

Damn you House. Damn you for being so good.

Photos  by Carlos Alejandro. (Oh yes, Carlos. I hate you too.)