I Can’t Bear It

After a week of vicarious crashing and racing I am spent. And it’s a good thing, otherwise I would be very, very bitter about missing out on the 24 hours of Falcon Ridge endurance race this weekend. Why, you ask, would I be bitter about not riding my crappy fat-tired steel mountain bike for 24 hours in 40 degree heat through the bush in the dark where there might be bears? Because it would be awesome, that’s why, and EVERYBODY is going but me.

As if not going isn’t bad enough, all next week I am going to have to endure hearing and reading about how awesome it was. There will probably be videos. So all you other bloggers out there, have a heart and show some restraint, would you? All I want to hear about is heat stroke, black flies, food poisoning and narrowly averted bear maulings. mmmkay?

Thanks all. Have (sigh) fun.