Home Sweet Home?

Ahhh, Spring.

I arrived home late last night, eagerly anticipating the first outdoor spring ride today. Mother Nature, it seems, had other plans.

Adding insult to injury, Nature also decided to seep into my basement precisely in the location of my training cave, successfully thwarting any hopes of an indoor ride as well.

Soooo…. instead of working out, or watching the Tour of Flanders with a nice cup of hot coffee and some biscotti, I guess I’ll spend the afternoon squeegy-ing freezing cold, grey, and dog-poo-infused water from the carpet in my basement.

Thanks Nature. That’s just swell.

p.s. I eagerly await news of Brad who out-manned us all and is cranking out 400 watts over soggy and partially frozen gravel roads as we speak. Chapeau, sir. The rest of us should follow your lead and HTFU.