Fendi Abici Amante Donna

Ok. I’ll come clean. The Trek Madone I asked Santa for a couple of posts back actually belongs to someone else. I like James, so I won’t send the Fat Man to steal his bike for me. Not that Santa seems to be above breaking and entering.

To show I can be reasonable, instead I found this little jem of a bike in Vogue Magazine, my source for all cycling-related products and information. Although it may be a little portly for racing, how could I resist those genuine fur panniers? Perfect for storing my energy gels, saddle cream and perhaps a bottle or two of a nice sangiovese.

The Abici Amante Donna Luxury City Bike is made by none other than Fendi, the luxury Italian fashion house famous for its handbags and eccentric creative director Karl Lagerfeld. When Karl is not fanning himself or schtupping anorexic fashion models half his age, you can bet he is cruising around Rome on his Abici Amante Donna Luxury City Bike. Oh yes. Karl is that cool.

Designed with the conspicuously rich and fashionable Eurotrash crowd in mind, it goes for an irresistibly excessive price point. The more expensive, luxury version sports fur panniers (which I’m sure smell nothing like wet dog when it rains) and costs a mere $9,500. I think it is particularly handsome in cream.

The cheaper, ghetto version is $5,900 and features a simple leather case which alone retails for $975, unless you are Santa (or Wynona Ryder), in which case it’s free.

What a steal.