Double Cross Weekend

With two races to choose from this weekend, plus the added pressures of laundry and skinning my cat, what’s a girl to do? I decided to do some “research” (Google surfing) to weigh one against the other in anticipation of the onslaught.

The Southern Cross race on Sunday in Altona has a very squiggly course map:

And unlike the fledgling St. Malo race on Sunday, this race has history so I was able to check out some video from last year’s race which gave me an idea (and terrible screen shots) of what lies ahead.

They have the mayor out performing his honourable and mayoral barbequely duties:

Not to be outdone by Menno Cross, they will probably have mud. We’ll see how it tastes in comparison:

They will have beer, Southern Cross IPA by Half Pints. Mmmmmm. Beeeer:

AND you can ride whatever kind of bike you want, like this super awesome number from last year with a flowered banana seat. Sweet!!

Did I mention they will have beer?

And then there is St. Malo… it’s bound to be a good one and I may or may not have had the opportunity to go and ride around in the general vicinity of the course last weekend since I have a cabin out there. This is a beautiful area but there are some very steep hill paths by the spillway that have me as concerned as I expect the organizers are excited.
This may mean either a spectacular and painful death, or perhaps just more of this:
The Horror!! (From Menno Cross. As if you couldn’t tell.)
I have not been made aware of any beer, however, I do have it on good authority that St. Malo will have Velo Artisan Bread, homemade preserves and tourtiere primes. I am not sure if these delicious incentives will make me go any faster, but I am looking forward to doing all of my swearing in French and have been practicing fastidiously. The swearing that is, not my mounts and dismounts.
A demain!