Cross-Tastic this Sunday!

Time to get ready for Cross-Tastic this Sunday at Wittier Park. B Race starts at 1:45(ish). Will this race be another Mudbuster like Menno Cross? Or nice swoopy grassiness like St. Malo? Or something in between? No matter, there will be food, prizes and oodles of people willing to kill themselves for the amusement of spectators.

I am happy to report there is no beach there.

Apparently as guests of the City of Winnipeg, we are being asked to leave the park in similar condition to which we find it. They obviously haven’t been over to CMU lately…*

My preparations include:
– 1 trip to bike shop to determine if effing broken pedal is fixable
– 1 trip to bike shop to buy new effing pedals
– 1 trip to bike shop to repair big ring, which was only being held on by 2 bolts
– 1 trip to bike shop to investigate why seat is intent on tilting painfully up
– 1 trip to the bike shop to see if broken computer cable is fixable
– 1 trip to Canadian Tire to buy soldering iron
– attempt to learn soldering skills without burning self (futile)
– find extra race plate to replace one that blew off bike on way home from St. Malo
– try out new effing pedals
– this blog post

Gotta run, you guessed it, to the bike shop to pick up the Beast. Hopefully nothing else has fallen off in the last 12 hours.

*Note: I have been informed that the CMU grounds have in fact recovered very nicely. Grass is a lot like skin… you can bang it up pretty good, and a few days later it’s good as new. Amazing!